Perhaps reading slightly too much into free nail polish.

Today at work, I was having a non-smoker smoke break, which entailed trying out the new nail polish someone at work gave me. I really like it, it’s like having apples on the end of my fingers. Tonight as I re-applied, I thought it smelt like apples too, but i think it’s more likely that was the cider I was drinking at the time. I’m not going to lie, I only realised it was the cider as I was typing this. Bummer. OPI, the only thing that would make your Green-wich Village nail polish better would be making it smell like apples.


I took this photo waiting for the elevator. It reminds me of the time when the father of a girl I hung out with in high school opened the door to their house, looked me up and down and said, ‘Blue and green should never be seen!’ Thanks someone else’s dad, teenage years aren’t hard enough.


This photo is taken against the wall behind my desk. It reminds me of the time I was in Japan and the school kids told me that my name in Japanese was pronounced gachapin. Thanks Japanese school kids, teenage years aren’t hard enough.

I care not for what they might say, I dig.

2009: a year of forgetting really good music

I wanted to do the ol’ end of year music blog post, but when I compiled my list of favourite music from 2009, I realised almost none of it was actually released this year and that I am almost certainly becoming certifiably insane.

Seeing as though my memory is shot, I’m going to post music I loved from 2009, as it springs to mind.



P.O.S – Never Better

Before Never Better, I’d not heard of P.O.S, but now I am really obsessed and plan in 2010 to hunt down his back catalogue.

P.O.S is a hip-hop artist from Minneapolis and is on the Rhymesayers label, where many good things reside. He used to be in a punk band called Om, and I think the influences of that style of music are still really evident in his music today. It’s hip-hop with jarring percussion and timing changes.

My favourite song from the album is the title track:



Why? – Eskimo Snow

Why? are probably one of my favourite bands, combining hip-hop and indie.

I find the lyrics the most interesting part of Why? They describe really ordinary events, in very minute detail, but somehow it’s also very absurd.

Musically, Why? is very tantalising too, I always feel at the end of each song like a peak was almost reached, but that they deliberately never quite get there.

Eskimo Snow is a really poignant album and one of my favourite tracks is A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under:



Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion

Ah Animal Collective. Dreamy, dreamy music and lyrics I can never quite catch. Merriweather Post Pavilion provided my summer song for earlier this year, the beautiful and intoxicating My Girls. Now many more young people know about adobe slabs.

My Girls is an excellent addition to any travel mix too:




Cloud Control – Gold Canary

There was only one single [are they even called singles these days?] that mattered this year, and that was Australian band Cloud Control‘s gorgeous song Gold Canary. This is to the coming summer what My Girls was to last summer, the perfect late afternoon, cider drinking accompaniment.

Forgive me all the fantastic music I have forgotten.

2010: a year of beginning again with really awesome stationery.

Initially I was going to say 2009 was not my greatest year; however, today I was perusing the typical end of year lists in the media, and I see I had it better than some, to the point where I almost feel lazy. In 365 days [well, not quite, but perhaps the last two weeks will be as mundane as the 50ish before them] I had zero [0] affairs with scores of hookers, I faked zero [0] emails to try and bring down the Prime Minister, I attempted to strongarm zero [0] election wins, was the mastermind of zero [0] Ponzi schemes, didn’t even manage to catch the infamous swine flu, and despite all my talk, my pants remained firmly on in public.

2009 just never felt right. Sure, the 9 was better than the previous year’s 8, but something feels really good about the 10 of the coming year.

My favourite parts of the end of any year are lists and the need for new stationery. My lists are coming, I never feel right publishing them too far before the end of the year. How am I to know what’s coming up in the next few weeks? Hell, the last few have thrown me in a loop, so I figure, better to be safe than sorry.

New stationery, however, can be purchased in at least November, and this year, I really went to town. Last year I bought my first Moleskine, and I’m a total convert and this year, I heard about the amazing Moleskine Colour a Month Daily Planner, and oh my god, we are in love with one another.

The Moleskine Colour a Month Daily Planner is exactly that:



It’s like being able to wipe the slate clean every single month!

Each month is numerically labelled,


and comes with a handy packet of stickers, in case you’re not so crash hot on months by number:


 I have heaps of big dates that I’m looking forward to putting in: the date that my nephew is born, the date of my younger sister’s wedding, the date of my first day back at university and maybe even a few dates for holidays [probably not to Arizona, but a girl can dream].