10 Things Before 2013: Part 1

I epically failed at my task of doing 30 things before I turn 30 in October. I realise it’s only June, but I feel like there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of me getting there when not only am I not on track, I have lost the track and can’t even remember what it looked like and even with GPS, I’m walking in the wrong direction.

I have decided not to dwell on it and to instead make a new goal of doing 10 Things Before 2013!

So how am I tracking so far?

  1. I have purchased two copies of the first run of Chunklet’s Indie Cred Test, which is being republished by Penguin next month. I have one that I’m keeping as mint condition for my kids to get rid of one day as they sift through the vast collection of oddities that I have collected and they’ll never understand, and I have a second copy that I can scribble all over as I try and rate my credibility as a human.
  2. I have a uke and a uke teacher who lives in the bedroom next to mine! Now I just need to learn notes and chords and pick a song to learn.
  3. I have two pitches I’m pretty happy with and that I think will be interesting to write.
  4. I am sending out save the date cards this week.
  5. I’ve already hit my first goal, and am writing this while wearing a jumper I wore at my 21st birthday, so I’m pretty sure I can keep on track with this one if I actually pay attention to the alarm set on my phone for 5:45am and is labelled ‘Go to the fucking gym’.
  6. I have absolutely nothing planned except that I want to see the South and New York City.
  7. I have my thesis sitting next to my bed to be re-read and a couple of ideas kicking around about what parts I’d like to develop.
  8. I know who is owed one.
  9. I am making black bean wraps tonight!
  10. I have read 24 books already. That’s two less that I need to have read at this point, but that’s only 11 less than I read in all of last year, so I think I’ll be fine.

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