Cat Fancy

When I first bought The Wuz (or became The Wuz’s human companion for those with tender hearts, or became The Wuz’s dependant for those who really know cats), I thought there might be something wrong with her.

No, not the face. I knew about the face.

I mean she was not the world’s most agile kitten. She was very energetic, no arguments there, but she’s built like a bulldog and she fell off almost everything she launched herself at. Also, she used to sleep like this:


Some of her quirks were endearing, we spent hours playing fetch with pieces of dried pasta and she didn’t even get grounded (ho, ho!) when she jumped off the second story balcony in pursuit of a bird.

In recent years, she’s become more cat-like, which is to say grumpy and always hungry, but two nights ago I was reminded of her true personality when she came charging into the lounge room, pupils wide, snorting, with something hanging from her mouth.

Turns out, the creep had gone through Anna’s belongings and found a Nerf bullet, which she then dropped in front of us and performed a complex series of flips and pounces to “kill” and leave in Anna’s boot for Anna to find later.

I’m sure David Attenborough would agree that this was The Wuz’s attempt to bond with Anna, to show Anna that The Wuz is okay with Anna living in The Wuz’s house. That The Wuz would even provide for Anna.

It was both sweet and slightly disturbing and neither of us have seen Anna since.

Goop in a Mug

2013 is almost a quarter done with and so much has been happening, including me losing a great housemate and then gaining a new great housemate!

K decided to move out so she could live somewhere cheaper and save for her trip to Canada later in the year and I was all flustered about what I wanted to do, and in the end a friend of many friends, Anna moved in and it’s pretty much perfect! We don’t actually have matching onesies, but it’s on the cards.

Anna is a really good cook of things that involve random ingredients and suddenly you have an amazing meal, so I thought I should pull my weight yesterday and make a dessert to accompany our vegetable, pesto and teddy bear pasta:


I’d read BuzzFeed’s 18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug and had been particularly taken with the concept of No. 2 Pencil’s cookie in a mug. If you are healthy and never want diabetes, please don’t look at the ingredients. It is not a healthy snack, it is a delicious and irresponsible snack to eat with your housemate and a friend while watching an Arrest ed Development on a Sunday night.

I made mine first and while it tasted awesome, it was probably the least cookie-like mug cookie of the three. I would recommend microwaving the first one for closer to 50 seconds rather than 40 and eat them with a spoon rather than a fork, because there’s all kinds of goodness at the bottom of the mug:


I didn’t loathe the experience and while I am certainly not saying that I’m about to start cooking up a storm, I will begrudgingly admit that I will now try baking in the oven.

Long Highways

Frands! Comrades!

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to work being over today. Not because work is being particularly difficult or strenuous today even, but because I have absolutely nothing planned for tonight except to go home and set up my new bedding and then climb into it with my iPad and 2666 and catch up on Vanity Fair and finally finish Roberto Bolaño’s tome.

I take bedding fairly seriously for someone who doesn’t sleep much. I have recently procured gun metal grey sheets and have my eye on a similar quilt, so I’ve been scouring stores for bright pillow covers that will pop against the grey. I also store my bedding in a wooden chest of drawers with honey-scented candles, so my sheets always smell amazing. I’m a regular fucking Gwyneth Paltrow.


Anyway, it’s important to get this set up tonight, because I have big plans now that the weather is getting colder to spend a lot of time in bed with books and hot chocolate in a teacup and just relax because last night I made 2013 Big Life Decision #3: change my work/life balance.

I don’t know what it was about yesterday, but suddenly I realised I actually can’t balance working on-call shifts like I used to. Maybe it was easier when I lived alone and wasn’t feeling particularly social, maybe it’s because I’ve been doing it for five years now, but I suddenly realised if I’m living within my means, I shouldn’t need the extra hours and could probably cut them completely, or back to one or two a month.

On weekends I want to go on bike rides and road trips and work on some photo essays I’ve had floating around in my head for a while and read more and maybe drive up to the Blue Mountains and do some of the bush walks they have (I know, I don’t know what happened to me either) and not have to think about when I have to fit that in around being near a computer. If anything, I’d like whole weekends where I don’t need to be connected to the Internet at all.


Priorities change and mine certainly have in the last 18 months or so.

I don’t want to have the same ties I did five years ago and I want my obligations to be to bigger things.

Photo A Day: April 1-5, 2013


Day 1: Play
Last year I decided that I wanted to learn an instrument and I decided that the ukulele would be perfect because it’s just like the guitar I really want to learn, but it’s smaller and therefore, we can only assume, easier. Right? Right. As it so happened, I had purple hair when I bought it and as I wandered home through Newtown from the music store, I realised I was the grossest hipster alive, so I never learnt to play it, but I recently completed my first New Year’s Resolution ever, so I think learning to play it my next aim!


Day 2: Blue
I’ve had a bag of clothes behind my bedroom door for about 18 months that I meant to donate, but it sat there and sat there and the cat slept in it and the bag reached peak capacity when I added the world’s grossest Linux t-shirt, so I finally decided to find a donation bin. I don’t know why, but donation bins are always in an empty field next to a petrol station. Even in the middle of the city. It makes donation scary and exhilarating.


Day 3: Something beginning with ‘A’
Every Monday and Wednesday we get fruit delivered to work. Recently they’ve started to display it on (fake) silver platters, rather than Styrofoam boxes and the general consensus is that we enjoy fruit more that way. Delightful!


Day 4: This happened today
I love Field Notes and recently started using pencils quite often, mostly for putting stuff in my day planner that I suspect won’t actually happen, or for days when I have more than one thing on and I’m not sure which I’ll prefer yet.


Day 5: Something good
I finished the C25K program. Which means I can run 5kms without stopping. Which has never been something I was able to do before.