America! America! God shed His grace on thee…


Last night I went into Basement Books briefly. I love Basement Books, despite the vast majority of their stock being of no interest to me. Tomes, tomes are why I go there. I love finding political memoirs or biographies on sale and in hardback. I used to loathe hardback books, I hated the way they felt and how they made books look so serious, almost like they should be left to collect dust. Now I don’t mind them so much, though I will always remove the dust cover to read them.

While I didn’t buy anything, I’ll definitely be going back on Saturday. They have some Michael Lewis in stock and Taylor Branch’s book The Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History With the President, which I expect to be interesting and probably bias, but it’s an era of American politics I’m interested in and ties in loosely with my re-reading of Joe Eszterhas’s memoir, Hollywood Animal which flows into the Clinton-era of America morality.

I wasn’t sure where my reading would take me this year, but it’s slowly drifting back to American politicoeconomic stuff, probably in part because I so desperately want to go back there.

Them Zombies.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I could lie to and say it’s because I’ve got nothing interesting to say at the moment, that I’m chained to my desk all week at work, that I spend my weekends doing Bikram Yoga and eating raw, but why bullshit you all?

I discovered The Last of Us and B bought me a gun metal grey PS3 controller of my very own and so that’s what I’ve been doing: killing them zombies.