Rock Out With Your Pineapple Out!

I haven’t written much about guitar, which is strange given it is something I do on almost a daily basis now.

I started taking lessons about six months ago, after I finished ice-skating lessons and was determined to keep learning new things.

I started learning on B’s steel string acoustic, refusing to try anything else because I figured if I learnt the hard way first, everything would get easier.

For Christmas B gave me a gorgeous cherry red Epiphone Dot Studio so I started taking that to my lessons instead and I play his Maton on the weekends.

In six months I’ve lost most of the feeling in the ends of the fingers on my left hand, have awesome callouses, can play most of the open chords without a problem, except for the Ds which still sound twangy every now and then and I’m starting learning the barre chords as of yesterday.

My marvellous teacher, Casey, gets me to pick songs and we work on them until I get sick of them and then we move onto something new. I can play some Springsteen, Ryan Adams, PJ Harvey and Sparklehorse, and much to Casey’s disgust, have requested a Melvins song that doesn’t seem to have any chord changes and is tuned in drop D.

I seem to be naturally talented for picking songs that use the chords I already know, don’t have vary in the strumming pattern between verses and choruses and are written in every timing imaginable except for 4/4. Pretty, pretty talented.

It’s also proven to be a wonderful distraction during my still regular bouts of insomnia.


Ain’t nothing like rocking out in pink pineapple pants.

Memeing like it’s 1999.

Making :: headway in my inbox, one of the biggest stresses I have at work.
Cooking :: is something I still loathe but have accepted I need to start doing for the health of my body and, as an incentive, wallet.
Drinking :: more than I usually would during the week because parts of life have been a pretty rough for the last few weeks.
Reading :: a lot, probably more than I have since high school, even though I’ve been a pretty dedicated reader since then. I’m just hungry for the written word this year and I’ve noticed other things drop off, like listening to music or watching movies.
Wanting :: more than my wallet will allow right now.
Looking :: like death warmed up. I think the way I look reflects my stress levels generally, so I’ve been a not-so-hot mess.
Playing :: ‘Eyepennies’ by Sparklehorse and PJ Harvey, my favourite song and the first song I’ve been able to play through on guitar pretty much the first time after seeing it written out!
Deciding :: to get my health sorted out properly.
Wasting :: time. Always wasting time.
Wishing :: I had a view of sunsets and storms from my lounge room.
Enjoying :: Tumblr. I was really late to the game on that one, but now it’s my happy place.
Waiting :: for the next phase of living in Sydney to begin.
Liking :: my House of Cards marathons with Anna von Splat!
Wondering :: how the first season of True Detective will end.
Loving :: B.
Pondering :: how stupid it would be to get a loan to spend another month in America next year.
Considering :: moving to the ‘burbs.
Watching :: True Detective because I haven’t seen anything as brilliant on television for a long time.
Hoping :: to be able to give a dog a home by the end of the year.
Marvelling :: at where I am compared to where I’ve been before.
Needing :: several good nights of sleep.
Smelling :: like Juliette Has a Gun’s Lady Vengeance, my favourite perfume.
Wearing :: all black for tonight’s NIN/QOTSA gig with Steph!
Following :: the snarky commentary of fellow geeks waiting on their Pebble Steels.
Noticing :: the change in seasons.
Knowing :: that giraffes can only fight for a short amount of time or they faint.
Thinking :: about how excited I am about hanging out with Steph tonight because we’ve seen both NIN and QOTSA together and tonight we will see them play on the same bill!
Feeling :: pretty drained which could be thyroid or stress.
Admiring :: all the new members of my family in all their loveliness.
Sorting :: through things I no longer want to keep.
Buying :: my winter wardrobe.
Getting :: a new role at work in a month or so.
Disliking :: how much people get off on being angry.
Opening :: a savings account for Japan!
Feeling :: long overdue for a road trip.
Snacking :: and logging it all in my app for my dietician, boo!
Coveting :: houses with backyards and dogs needing adopting!
Hearing :: Bruce Springsteen’s Tunnel of Love album because it has ‘Tougher Than The Rest’ and ‘Brilliant Disguise’ on it and I love both songs so much, plus the cover is badass.

Batman on Catwoman


I loved this t-shirt from the moment I saw it, hanging in the window of a shop on King Street, which along with this solitary pro-gay t-shirt, sells legal herbal highs and incense. Typically I have no time for such stores, my incense needs are catered for by Fiji Markets, but I needed some cheering up yesterday as I walked home in the pouring rain.

I wore it to work today, with some navy cotton pants and my favourite red lipstick, because goddamn it was an effort to get out of bed this morning. I’m trying to make an effort not to look how I feel because I feel like a ball of pyjamas that haven’t been washed in weeks.

Somehow that desire equated to this.

Go to Sleep, Little Baby …

Yesterday I went to see Miyazaki’s film The Wind Rises, with B and my aunt Jo. I’d been feeling strange for the last week or so, a combination of stress and what I now call ‘thyroidy’, so about 45 minutes into the movie I fell asleep and woke up feeling disoriented and trippy. When I got home I went to bed and slept for about 10 hours, which has made some difference today.

My specialist was telling my sister about my thyroid last week and again described it as pretty serious, so I think I might ask her next time to explain how bad it was and what a “normal” thyroid collapse looks like, just so I have some kind of reassurance that it’s okay to still be feeling much less than 100%.

I’m also seeing a dietician, because my weight is still creeping up and it can be really difficult post-thyroid collapse to ever lose the weight again. I was pretty honest: I like bad food, I hate cooking, I don’t exercise as much as I should.

She’s given me an app to track everything I eat for the next week and then she’ll set me up with some meal plans and get my sleep looking something like normal.

I just hate dreading after-work plans because I know I don’t really have the energy to do much, and when I push myself to, I pay for it the next few days.  All I really look forward to at the moment is True Detective and reading Southern Gothic, all of which can be done horizontally.