Home Sweet Home

In the middle of my crazy working hours, B moved in and we almost straight away went on holidays, which means this week feel like the first time we’ve actually really lived together.


So far it’s going really well, The Wuz in particular has enjoyed having a newbie to flirt with for additional food. I don’t need to lower myself to her levels, I simply ask B to feed me more.



After having three housemates in a row who I was more than happy to let decorate the shared spaces as I had no particular preference about how they looked, I decided to tentatively attempt some lounge room decoration this time around and have turned it into shrine to Americana, with some prints by Alabama photographer, Ryan Russell, and long-time Nine Inch Nails collaborator, Rob Sheridan, as well as my (un)trusty bright pink Gipper bust by Frank Kozik.


With work easing up, I’m looking forward to the colder weather and spending it snuggled up with my two favourites, watching the entire Coen Brothers back catelogue.


A Moose Is A Moose.


I’ve been leaving for work before the sun comes up and arriving home well after it has set for the last few weeks.

I’ve found the early starts easier than I thought I would, I’ve been much more wide awake than I normally am on the train and have been getting quite a lot of reading done, most of it dystopian fiction which I don’t think is coincidental.

The nights are harder though, it takes a lot to keep up the energy to still be sitting at work at 7pm and to get home and need to go straight to bed to get enough sleep in to start all over again the next day. I miss hanging out with Anna and she moves out so soon and I want to make the most of the last few weeks we live together, but when I get home I’m barely awake.

I climb into bed at a reasonable hour and as soon as I turn off my lamp, I’m wide awake and stay so until well after midnight. So I’ve been getting quite a lot of reading done, most of it dystopian fiction which I don’t think is coincidental.

Roll on Easter, when even if people wanted to reach me, they couldn’t. I’ll be on a goat farm in the middle of Queensland, with no Internet and a fat book. It’ll probably be dystopian fiction.

Change is afoot …

Over Easter, B and I are heading to Queensland for a week or so, to feed carrots to goats and a very special donkey … and also to spend time with B’s family for Easter. I’m taking Donna Tartt’s opus, The Goldfinch and a bottle of Fireball cinnamon whisky and I am going to plant myself in the shade of a tree and not move for a week, life has been so frantic for the past couple of weeks that the idea of being in the middle of nowhere is particularly appealing right now.

Before that though, I have to farewell Anna, who has been the best housemate I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some awesome housemates. It’s been like living in a little family, just so chill and relaxed and we can spend hours lying around in the lounge room chatting and watching True Detective. I’m going to miss it a lot and making the decision to live with B has been bittersweet in that respect.

A little while ago, B and I discussed what our futures might look like and it overlapped on a lot of points: we both grew up in the country and miss the space, we both feel a little cramped in our current abodes, we both want a backyard and a dog.

I had to go out to Penrith for work a few months ago and on the way back into the city on the train, I found myself watching the Western suburbs pass by and rather than my usual reaction of claustrophobia at the idea of what life in suburbia must entail, I saw a lot of things I liked. Backyards, grass, freestanding houses.

The fledgling idea became only more appealing when I researched what the rent is like further out of the city and discovered that I could easily afford a place with all of the things I’d been appreciating from afar.

The plan at this stage is that B is moving into my current house in a few weeks after Anna moves out and we’ll stay there for some months, saving for a move to the suburbs and taking the time to find a place that ticks all our boxes: must have a new kitchen and bathroom, enough space for B to have a study, a secure backyard and above all else, it must be animal-friendly. I’m not moving Wuz on the sly again, it is too much stress.

All of this we’re planning to do before December, when we’re spending around 3 weeks in Japan over Christmas and New Years, which seems so far away now, but I’m sure will be here before we know it.   

 The next few weeks are going to be frantic and I’m just happy to tread water and let them pass.