He’s My Puppy Daddy!

There’s something special about the way men fall in love with animals. Particularly big, broad-shouldered men.

I’ve seen it before: my dad, despite being openly disappointed in his children’s decision in the late ’80s to choose a small black poodle at the RSPCA over more masculine dogs, came to love Paddy dearly. In fact, Paddy’s untimely death a few years later was one of the few times I’ve ever seen my dad cry, and was certainly the first time I’d ever heard him say he’d miss someone.

He also has a very fond relationship with my parents only remaining cat, a female Burmese called Tom.  Tom is small, but very heavy because she is all muscle from years of turning her nose up at Whiskers and hunting for live rabbit. Dad loves Tom, Tom loves Dad. Dad respects her independence and they have a similar pain threshold. My dad has returned from work dragging many a broken bone before and so when Tom returned from a hunting trip with a very limp tale, Dad did what he would want someone to do for him: grabbed her, put her tail back in place and let her get on with things. Her tail now stands tall and proud.

B is a board-shouldered man and he has fallen very hard in love with Delilah.

I have lost count of the number of times he has cooed sweet sentiments and I’ve blushed and said, ‘Babe! That’s so sweet of yo- …wait. Are you talking to me or the dog? Oh.’.

In the mornings I get up to the site of him wearing Delilah around his neck like a stole. He trims her claws and defends her from The Wuz and hasn’t exactly said I’m not allowed buy her clip-on bows to wear in her hair. When we go out for brunch, he orders her chicken from the kitchen and organises puppy play dates with other cuties (and their equally cute puppies).











A few nights ago The Wuz and I sat on the couch and watched disdainfully as B and Delilah wrestled on the floor. We don’t need their love.


This weekend will be the real test of Delilah’s cute though: she’s meeting Dad for the first time, a vocal critic of a) corgis and b) his children owning any kind of pet. History would suggest though, that she’ll melt his heart.



A Pupdate!

Living in a two people, one cat, one puppy household means our days start before the sun comes up and ends well after it sets, but finally I have time for an update:

– Delilah came to us able to fetch and sit on command. In the last week she’s gotten big enough to fit her mouth around a tennis ball, which means she brings it to you when you’re lying on the couch blobbing out and drops it at your feet and looks at you with her gorgeous puppy eyes and suddenly you have the energy for one more park visit;

– She loves big dogs. She loves to get them to chase her and then she stands underneath them so they can’t catch her … except for Sky, her Husky friend, who’s discovered when she does that, he can just sit on her;

– It took her two weeks, but she’s finally acknowledged there is a cat in the house;

– Now she eats the cat’s food whenever she gets the chance;

– She can undo the fly of your jeans by sitting on your lap and digging at the zipper. She loves doing this;

– Yesterday her cage door wasn’t locked properly and she spent the day roaming the house. When we came home we discovered Bad Things, like a bottle of shampoo under the lounge and an out-of-print sci-fi novel with its edges nibbled. We discovered a Good Thing that made this all ok: despite being out of her pen, she still returned to it to pee. The puppy is housetrained! We can leave her out all weekend when we’re home! This is such great news for us and our carpet!







Today I was discussing dating protocol with a friend, and imparting what little wisdom I have on the matter, when suddenly I remembered a fantastic example from my past where a guy I was meeting up with told me he were close by and then just never showed up, never messaged, never called. It was a total Chuck Cunningham Syndrome moment.

A few months later I was talking to my then-therapist (I wasn’t seeing a therapist because of  Chuck, the laughs I’ve gotten from telling that date story more than made up for it) and she asked me to make a list of what I wanted in a relationship and it was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life.

Nowhere on the list was children.

Very high on my list was not living in the city forever and owning a dog, having someone who it felt like I was on a team with, someone who made me laugh and was kind.

Nowhere on my list was earning big bucks, but having enough to travel was a priority.

I was telling my friend about the list today, saying everyone should make one and then use it when they feel unsure about a person.

It gave me reason to think about my list.

Chronic illness knocked on the head what little desire I might have had for children and I’m still super happy with my decision.

I have a boyfriend who makes me laugh many times a day and who keeps my worries in check to the point where I hardly have any and when I do, I can see them far more logically than I’ve ever been able to before.

We’re going to Japan in December and will spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Tokyo.

We both have jobs that satisfy us and allow us to do things like take trips.

He’s my best friend and favourite person to be around.

For months we’ve been talking about moving further out from the city, somewhere that allowed us a lot more space, was a move in the direction we want to eventually take and it would mean we could get a dog.

For months we discussed dogs and what kind we’d like to get, settling pretty early on a corgi.

About 5 weeks ago I contacted a woman who shows corgis and very occasionally sells them if they can’t be shown. I expected she’d tell me to wait until next year, but instead she had a pup who she might want to sell in a few weeks.

We waited anxiously for about two weeks and then she contacted us and asked us if we wanted to buy the pup we’d already been calling Delilah.

We picked her up on Saturday and she’s gorgeous.

And now we are four …