Breaking News: Flash Flooding in the Inner West


A 29-year-old Sydney woman was rescued last night from a flooded bathroom in the Inner West.

Police say they received an emergency call at approximately 10:30pm from a private residence and rushed to the scene, where they found the woman crouched on the bathroom sink to avoid the rapidly rising flood waters which police believe came from the shower region of the bathroom.

After evacuating nearby houses and establishing a safety parametre, the police rescue team winched the woman so safety using an intricate system of ropes and pulleys which they constructed in almost McGuyer-esque brilliance from household items the NSW Police Commissioner confirms included sticky tape, shot glasses and some eco-friendly kitty litter.

The woman was treated for shock by paramedics on the scene, after they were unable to stop her hysterical weeping and screams of ‘Again? How could I flood the bathroom again?’

The woman’s lawyer, James Gorman said this morning that his client would not comment on reports she had implicated herself in the flooding of the bathroom. ‘Look, she was clearly in shock and is prone to nerves’ Mr Gorman said. ‘I think it would be unfair to my client and to her right to a fair trial to comment on the matter any further’.

A family member who wished to remain annoymous said the family were not surprised when contacted by police and that the woman was prone to dramatic outbursts and had been diagnosed approximately 12 years ago with the rare, and difficult to treat Tess of the d’Urbervilles Syndrome.

Police investigations continue.