Movies – Bourne Legacy

Because I am about to become a student in Sydney (read: poor), B and I have decided to implement a cheap-date-nights-in policy … which sounds like we’re being really responsible, except for the part where we weren’t really going on expensive-date-nights-out to begin with.


We’ve decided to rotate movie selections. One week we pick a movie together, the next one of us gets to pick one alone. Then we pick together, then the other picks alone, and repeat.

I predict I’m going to see a Robocop and that B is going to sit through hours of weird  sexual drama mysteries written by Don Roos.

On the weekend we watched Bourne Legacy, which I had seen about a third of at the cinema. There I was, lost in a revere about Jeremy Renner’s eyes and lips when I realised my phone was ringing, and when I checked it, I had nine missed calls from Dad.

Turned out my sister was really sick and was trying to get admitted to hospital and the wait in emergency was really long and he wanted me to go down there and cause a scene to get her admitted faster. I believe he actually said, “I know you can do it. Cause one of your scenes.”.

So I used to have a temper. I like to think it was kind of a Justice League temper and when I was a teenager … look, long story, just don’t ever tell my younger sister she looks like she’s wearing clown pants.

Point being, I’ve grown out of it and nurses are scary, so there was no way I was causing a scene and when I arrived, she’d been admitted anyway.

She got better and I never saw the end of Bourne Legacy until this weekend.

I enjoyed it, as I have all Bourne movies.

It’s like Bond except without all the weird female-friendly sex and penis-playing poker scenes.

After The Town, I would watch Jeremy Renner act in a toilet paper commercial (someone should get on that) and although the plot was a bit limp at some points (“Everyone you love would be better off thinking you’re dead. Cool?” “…Yeah, okay. Your soundproof logic has convinced me.”), how often are you going to see a tracking device put in a wolf? Hardly ever.

Additionally, it’s an excellent movie for playing Pick The Actor Who Went On To Have A Reoccurring Spot In Orange Is The New Black.

Bourne Legacy: goes well with home-made nachos and ice-cream with Ice Magic.