Dear PJ Harvey,

I feel like we’ve known each other long enough for me to say a few things. First, you’re looking very well, I suspect you take some form of vitamin supplement, or maybe you stand on the cliffs of Dover and let the salt water spray blast the years right off of your face. Am I close? I think so.

Secondly, I am really enjoying your latest album Let England Shake. Let it shake indeed. It came just as I started to get a grip on White Chalk too, learning to appreciate its stark bleakness. I’m glad I have grappled and succumbed to these albums, because you gave me quite the scare with Uh Huh Her. Please don’t judge me, I didn’t overdose on the sweet saccharine of sunset cityscapes of Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea, although it was the soundtrack to one of the most turbulent years of my life. No, I have always been a bigger fan of the electronic, cold, damp evil that is Is This Desire? It is indeed PJ, it is indeed.

It’s just… that man. You know who I mean. You mentioned him in the notes for the album. You don’t remember how he gloated about writing those overly complimentary lines about his looks, specifically so he could hear Christina Ricci say them to the character he himself played? No? I do. I had to sit through that movie on a school night, and it ran over time and my dad was waiting outside and we all know that D-Bomb is just the kind of dad who’d actually come into the theatre and drag his kids out if he couldn’t be bothered waiting. And all the while That Man was all ‘Whine, whine, whine, indy blah blah’. Ugh, shut your face or I’ll shut it for you, as the kids in the playground would say.

Thus, I was left unable to  feel that album the way I wanted to. All this has changed though and you’re back and I sit at home, alone on Friday nights and I make Black Russians and I lie next to my big lounge room window and I watch my neighbourhood and the sun set and I listen to Let England Shake and I think about how sad it all is, but how it also feels kind of good.

On this note, I’d like to mention that I’m not going to be in the country in October, I’m going to experience some of the Stories From the City myself, so please, my Black Hearted Love, don’t tour here then.

Much love,