Kel & Vad


I met Kelly in 2002 in the small fire hazard of an office of Interp, the university paper of the Bathurst campus of CSU. We were both Associate Editors, I was new to the team and I can remember thinking I had never met anyone so tanned or who could speak so fast before. It was months before I could fully understand her rapid-fire conversations.

I moved with her and another Interp-er, Amy, into a small fire hazard of a house and we’ve been friends ever since. I moved to Sydney, Kel lived in rural NSW, Kenya and Laos before finally heading to Western Australia, yet no matter how poor the connection from Africa, or the time differences in Australia, we’ve stayed in touch.

Last year she met Vad, and it became very obvious very quickly that they were going to spend the rest of their lives together, so it was with great pleasure I attended their wedding in September at Kel’s parents’ place on the Central Coast.



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I was honoured to be asked to give a reading at the wedding, and wrote something that I hope represents them both:

Marriage means many things, but regardless of what analogies or fables you use to represent it, in the end it is always about adventure. It’s perfect, then, that Kelly and Vad should choose to marry.

To be born on opposite sides of the world, to both have the spirit to leave behind everything familiar and to set out independently and experience whatever this chaotic and infinite world had to offer, not looking for one another, not even knowing the other existed, should have been odds enough that their paths never cross, and yet here we are.

In one of those chances of fate, Kelly and Vad’s adventures ended one night in the same place, all the lines they had been creating up until that point crossed, they fell into step beside one another and it felt like that’s the way it should always be. Having seen the rewards of chance, they decided to take another, this time together.

Marriage itself will be an adventure, Kelly and Vad are adventurers.